Tidy Data Tutor helps you visualize data analysis pipelines

Tidy Data Tutor lets you write R and Tidyverse code in your browser and see how your data frame changes at each step of a data analysis pipeline. (If you use Python, check out Pandas Tutor.)

Why use this tool? Let's say you're trying to explain what this code does:

penguins %>%
    select(species, bill_length_mm) %>%
    group_by(species) %>%
    arrange(desc(bill_length_mm), .by_group = TRUE) %>% 

Running this code in R or RStudio shows only the final result:

If you want to explain what's going on here, at least three things get in the way:

If you ran this same code in Tidy Data Tutor, you can teach students exactly what's happening step-by-step:

Or if you're a student, you can use this tool to explore and learn on your own. Check out more examples below:

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group_by() %>% mutate()
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